1-daycellar is closing down!

Hey 1-daycellar wine buffs,

You might have spotted that we've closed down this part of the website - it's true. After a great run, heaps of amazing wine deals and stacks of stoked customers we have decided to shut our 1-daycellar section. Sorry!

All of our other websites, like 1-day, and Torpedo7 are 100% continuing - in fact they're keeping us busier than ever (you should see those boys and girls in the warehouse, it's never ending!).

But as the ability for us to offer great cheap deals on wine is getting harder, we felt that it was better to focus on offering you (our loyal customers) better deals on better quality products through our other websites at the same amazing prices you know and love.

We don't want to offer anything less than the coolest and best value products available (and hey, maybe the occasional random bag of crap to mix it up). It was great fun while it lasted, and we want to say a big thanks to everyone that took part - and don't worry 1-day remains as strong (and better) than ever.

PS - be sure to check out our other websites 1-day, and Torpedo7 for more great deals.


The 1-day/Torpedo7 team